Q:  Why are all of your items priced as 'installed'?

  Today's vehicle electrical systems are very complex and expensive.  The equipment we sell is also very complex and expensive.  By installing all the products we sell, you are ensured that both your vehicle and your equipment are protected against improper installation.  Our installation techs will ensure you the best possible fit and finish as well as proper operation of your new system.

Q: Can I purchase the equipment and have myself or someone else install it?

Absolutely!  However, when you choose this option you lose some of the benefits of our full-service customers.  First, there are no discounts for not having it professionally installed.  You will pay the same price.  Second, we do not honor a 'return' policy on non-installed equipment.  Once the merchandise leaves the building it is fully warranted by the manufacturer under their written guidelines included in each box.  We will, though, be happy to help you send the product back to the manufacturer for warranty service.  A small shipping and handling fee will apply and is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.  Third, we are not in anyway responsible for fit, operation, and/or compatibility problems that may arise if we don't perform the install.  As stated above, will not return the product.  Please consider these points carefully before making your purchasing decision.

Q:  I see the product warranty listed.  What is the labor warranty?

  Any work performed by one of our professional, certified technicians is warrantied for as long as you own the vehicle.