Mirrors / Back-up Safety


Add a back-up camera to your factory radio!!

Please see sales associate for applications




Back up Camera with Factory Navigation


  • Comes on only when in reverse
  • Adds a audio/video input for DVD players**
  • Unlocks Navigation input while driving***
  • Comes with one of the cameras above
*On most vehicles

**On most models it will provide a A/V input, not ALL models.

***On most models it will unlock navigation input while in motion, not ALL models


092311689                             OSTEMCOM

Rearview Mirror Monitor w/Onstar

          $789.99 Installed

  • 3.5" monitor comes on only in reverse
  • Retains Onstar
  • Displays Temperature
  • Displays Compass Heading 
  • Auto Dimming Mirror
  • License Plate Back Up Camera Included


092311639                      MONTEMCOM     
Rearview Mirror Monitor w/Temp &Compass
        $739.99 Installed
  • 3.5" Monitor comes on only in reverse
  • Displays Temperature
  • Displays Compass Heading
  • Auto Dimmimg Mirror
  • License Plate Camera Included              


022412179                                                                      synchmic

Ford Sync Microphone

              $199.99 Installed

  • Replace your factory Sync mirror with mirror w/monitor
  • Keeps Sync working like factory
  • Mounts to windshield or A-Pillar
  • Also keeps factory compass in some Ford's operational

040708260                                                BUSCS

Back-up Sensors

      $319.99 installed

  • 4 sensor system installs in rear bumper
  • Automatically operates in reverse only
  • Audible alerts let you know how close objects are
  • Fits most vehicles
  • 1 year warranty

↓Radar Blind Spot Detection System ↓ 


2 Sensors are installed inside the rear plastic bumper 


Small warning light placed close to each side view mirror 


Radar sensors are used for more precise detection 

0531170795                  ACABSD

Radar Blind Spot Detection System 


        Starting at:

$899.99 Installed

  • 2 Radar sensors mounted inside rear plastic bumper
  • NO Drill Installation/Cleaner Installation
  • detects vehicles in blind spots
  • "BEEPS" when blinker is on and object in blind spot
  • Comes on ONLY when turn signal is on
  • Small Indicator light mounted by each mirror blinks when a vehicle is in blind spot & blinker is OFF


092311549                            OS35       
Rearview Mirror Monitor w/Onstar
         $649.99 Installed
  • 3.5" Monitor comes on only in reverse
  • Retains Onstar
  • Auto Dimming Mirro
  • License Plate Back Up Camera Included


092311269                      TEMCOM        

Temperature Compass Mirror

         $369.99 Installed 

  • Displays Outside Temperature
  • Displays Compass Heading
  • Auto Dimming Mirror


101314475                       MONMIR

Rearview Mirror with Monitor


        $549.99 Installed

  • Replaces OEM mirror
  • Auto on when in reverse
  • Monitor invisible when off
  • Comes with license plate cam


0531170350     35MON

3.5" Back Up Monitor

        $399.99 Installed

  • 3.5" Screen
  • Comes on only in reverse
  • Mounts to top of dash
  • License plate back up camera included


091123149                BUCAM

License Plate Bar Camera

        $199.99 Installed

  • Provides a wide angle
  • Comes on only in reverse
  • Comes with the above mirror/monitors
  • Can be used with other monitors


 092311209                             curb

Curb Alert

           $269.99 Installed

  • Mounts under the front facia (air dam) of any vehicle
  • Audible chirps as you approach the curb when parking
  • No holes to drill, no damage to your vehicle
  • STOPS the curb rash on the front air dam of your vehilce!!


0531170275                                RAMCAM

Ram Cam Tailgate Camera 

 $325.00 Installed

  • 2009 - Current Ram Trucks
  • Perfect Replacement Fit
  • Camera Built in
  • Works with Aftermarket Radios with Back Up Camera Inputs
  • Works with Aftermarket Rearview Mirror/Monitors


0531170490                           RAMCAMOEM

Ram Cam into OEM Screen 

 $599.00 Installed

  • No Dealer Activation Required
  • Displays thru OEM Screen
  • Auto "ON" when in Reverse
  • Perfect Fit Tailgate Handle with Camera Built In
  • 2013 - Current Ram Truck