Alarm Accessories
03220885                                                  FDSVA

Dual-Zone Field Disturbance Sensor

      $119.99 installed

  • Detect movement around and inside your vehicle
  • Zone 1 emits warning chirps
  • Zone 2 sets off full alarm
  • Great for convertibles and Jeeps


03220855                                                 GBSVA

Glass Breakage Sensor

      $79.99 installed

  • 'Listens' for glass breakage and sounds alarm
  • Adjustable to avoid false alarms

0206180195                                              WRMVA

Window Roll-up Module

      $245.99 installed

  • Automatically roll two windows up when locking vehicle
  • Auto shut-off for safety
  • 2 modules needed for 4 windows
  • Works with "Most" vehicles

03220845                                                 BBUVA

Battery Back-up System

      $65.99 installed

  • Protect your vehicle if battery cable is cut
  • Powers and triggers alarm if voltage drop is detected
  • Dry-cell battery self charges
  • A must to truly protect your vehicle


03220855                                                  DTSVA

Digital Tilt Sensor

      $79.99 installed

  • Detects tilt of vehicle from towing or jacking
  • Helps protect wheels and tires
  • Great for motorcycles


03220835                                                 TMSVA

Motion Sensor

      $49.99 installed

  • Detects jacking and towing
  • Helps protect wheels and tires
  • Automatically sets to vehicle angle